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Glenbrook Racquet Club is the perfect place to start your child on a life long love of tennis. We have junior tennis programs designed for children of all ages, as young as 2-3 years old and all the way through High School and into College.

Match Play

Junior Ladder

3 different levels

Foundation level

The Foundation Level is offered at our sister location Glenbrook Paddle Club, to students who want to learn tennis at an early age. It is designed to promote FUN while learning the basics of the sport. In order to incorporate proper techniques for our young tennis players, we feature the following:

Tennis Pathway for kids 10 years all and under

For elementary school age children that are interested in learning the basics of the sport.

For kids that have learned the basics and are ready to learn serve and rally techniques.

This level is for advanced tennis players that are considering tennis as a sport in school.

Development level

The Development Level is offered to students who want to experience the FUN of tennis and learn how to play this sport. It is designed to develop a solid foundation around the technique of the sport. All classes are taught on a 72 foot tennis court using the “yellow” balls.

Recreational Tennis Pathway for junior and high school players

The last low compression ball before yellow ball and is on the full tennis court. Here students will continue to their technical development, building their Agility, Balance, and Coordination, improving their consistency and rally tolerance, initiate points with a serve, and understand game scoring.

This multi-tiered class is geared toward players that are heading into high school and are working to be on their tennis freshman and sophomore teams. In addition to the continuation of their overall game development, players will learn what to expect going into their high school try outs and how to best be prepared. This tennis class is also tailored towards teenage players looking to start their tennis journey! They will learn proper grips and technique, Agility, Balance, and Coordination, how to score tennis, and learn how to become competitive in a fun and high energy environment.

Our first yellow ball level, players will continue their groundstroke development, will be competent using the continental grip, gain more confidence coming forward to the net, utilize both offensive and defensive tactics, and will emphasize how to strategize and game plan.

Players will continue their technical and physical development and understand what it means to compete and how to execute strategies efficiently in both singles and doubles. This class will be for players looking to make or are on their JV teams.

Our highest level in our Club Training Program. This class is for players that are looking to be competitive on their tennis varsity teams, will be competitive in making their sectional line up, and are looking to implement USTA and UTR tournaments. Players will continue developing into well rounded competitors in both singles and doubles, understand turning defense to offense, be comfortable coming forward and executing net play and know how to construct points off both the serve and return.

Competitive level

The Competitive Level program is offered to the student that is serious about tennis. Here the student is committed to improving their tennis game and has made tennis their primary sport. This tennis program develops advanced technical and strategic tennis skills to improve their performance in tournament and competitive match play. Players must have the approval of the Competitive Program Director before entering this program.

Competitive Tennis Pathway for Tournament and College players

On this tournament training pathway, tennis players will be able to rally more consistently with varying heights, spins, and speeds, learn to move the ball efficiently to different targets, will understand ball tracking and modifying their stance, implementing forehand and backhand slice, and have full understanding of how to score every match circumstance. These players will be ready for entry level tennis tournaments.

This program is for the kids that have decided to make tennis their chosen sport.
The purpose behind this program is to begin development of competitive play and prepare the kids for a more competitive pathway.  

Requirements for this program are:
1 – TT Prep program per week
1 – Private Lesson per week
1 – Tip Top Training per week
1 – Competitive Tournament per month

Entry in to the Tournament Training Program begins with Tournament Training Prep unless the child is already at a UTR rating of 3. 

Entry into the class will require a UTR up to 5 or coaches approval. This class is geared towards players that are currently or looking to start USTA and UTR tournaments. Tournament Training will be a balance of fed ball and live ball drills in order to continue technical and physical development, as well as point and match play to understand creating and executing strategy, how to adjust and problem solve in the moment, and learn what it means to be a tough and resilient competitor.

Players will be required to play a monthly USTA or UTR verified tournament, have one private or semi-private lesson at Glenbrook Racquet Club, as well as one private, semi-private, or group training session with TipTop. All players will be required to keep a journal of their practices and tournament play.

Entry into this tennis program will require a UTR of 5 and above or coaches approval. Players in the group will be higher level tournament players at the regional, national, and international level. Class will include fed and live ball drills, game and match play, as well as classroom work. Players will be expected to have a consistent practice schedule with both groups and private lessons, weekly attendance with TipTop, and monthly USTA or UTR verified tournament requirements. All players will be required to keep a journal of their practices and tournament play.

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