About Junior Programs

Glenbrook Racquet Club offers the premier Junior program in the area for kids 4-18 years of age. We offer classes from the beginner to the advanced player.  Our primary format of teaching the junior program is done in an “academy format” style of teaching.   Our program adheres to a 1:5 (instructor-to-student) ratio. Our experience has proven that this 1:5 ratio delivers the quickest and the best results whether your child is a beginner or a USTA-ranked player.

2016-2017 Session Dates

Session 1: August 22nd- November 6th (11 weeks) no class: 9/5
Session 2: November 7th- January 22nd (11 weeks) no class: 11/24, 12/24, 12/25, 12/31, 1/1
Session 3: January 23rd- April 2nd (11 weeks)
Session 4: April 3rd- June 11th (10 weeks) no class: 4/4

Summer Session: June 12th- August 20th (10 weeks) no class: 7/4